Prayer Facilitation

Through the openness within our souls and the deeper level of communion with the Divine that we experience in the healing process, we are able to generate greater strength, energy and focus for anything for which you may wish to pray. This “power of prayer” may be used to offer healing, empowerment, protection or upliftment for you or for others. It may be used in the areas of relationship, prosperity, spiritually, success, path, etc.

(For more information about the prayer support options that I offer, please refer to the “Intuitive Divine Communication” and “Soul Level Communication” sections.)


Brief Testimonials

“I’ve been doing all kinds of body work and counseling work for 20 years, and this was the most powerful session I’ve ever had! I was able to release everything I wanted to, and the change, movement, in my life afterwards was
very profound and positive.”
-PLG, Santa Cruz, CA
“I don’t think I would have chosen to do this with anyone that I didn’t trust as much as I trust you. You’re so full of love.”
JC, Australia