Maximizing Healing Benefits

Healing with energy, or as I see it, with the healing powers of Unconditional Love, is certainly not easy to define, nor fully understand. It is simultaneously subtle and powerful, gentle and dynamic, specific, expansive and progressive. It is important to remember that through this feeding and freeing of your soul, you are brought into greater balance in all aspects of your life. ?This growth will unfold in response to your openness to it’s gifts and your readiness to embody the changes it brings.

The more you support your inner being, your soul, with rest, good food and water, nurture, continued healing, expression, beautiful sounds, nature and spiritual exploration, the more complete, rapid and comprehensive your growth will be.

Regular transformational healings build upon themselves, and allow you to go deeper into your alignment and capacity for personal empowerment. I also offer series of healing sessions for this reason. The other key thing to bear in mind in making the most of transformational healing is that your soul knows how to lead you into your greatest joy and truest self, your true path. It knows what lessons you must learn to bring yourself into alignment with these parts of your being and offers them to you so you may come into balance. Whatever challenges are “in your way” will either be released through the healing or come to the surface so you may learn from them and be freed. Your soul also knows how to help you with learning these lessons, as well as integrating the new, clearer, stronger, more whole, you.

So, it is good to let go of having to control or understand it mentally and allow your soul to do its job of lovingly teaching, supporting and guiding
you. That will speed up your growth and make it easier on you. Also, it helps to remember that allowing yourself to consciously be in Love, in Gratitude and in Peace as best you can be will soothe and assist your soul in its efforts.

Healing and transformation take courage, yes. ?It is easy to be frightened by them. Yet, know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that you are fully capable of becoming all that is housed deeply and beautifully within your magnificent soul!! Your true path and deepest joy awaits you!

“A life lived in fear is a life half lived.” – Spanish saying.