Intuitive Divine Communication

The heart of the way that Great Spirit works with me in our healing sessions is to allow me to be a facilitator in creating for you deeper and clearer communion with Divinity through the power of love. One of the options that may be incorporated in a session is communication with the spiritual plane. Transformational healing may be experienced successfully with utilizing this option or without it. What it most important is that this work resonates with you and your individual preferences and needs at any given time.

In choosing this precious, beatific healing method, deeper communion with the Divine is experienced at multiple levels. You and I open in our hearts to embrace guidance, love, revelation and healing. In this way, we are able to receive communication from the Angels, Mother Mary, Jesus, Buddha, Saints, Animal Spirit Guides, loved ones, etc. We connect with the beings with whom you feel the strongest affinity or from whom you would like to hear, and I communicate what they reveal to me as purely as I am able.

One way the communion is experienced is mentally and emotionally, as verbal information is transmitted. The Holy Ones may express Their vast love for you; the beauty with which they hold you in Their Beings; the vision for your life that They embrace for you; guidance about your path, your relationships, your career, your dreams; and responses to specific questions we may pose.

The divine communion is also experienced vibrationally and internally, so it becomes a physical and spiritual experience as well. God uses the frequencies of my voice and my soul’s presence to transmit a very highly refined frequency of loving, healing energy to further heal, strengthen, fortify, cleanse and refine you in your unfoldment. This energy deepens your communion with the Divine, as it flows abundantly into all parts of your being. You may feel one with the Angels and Blessed Beings. It is usually a whole, organic experience and opens the door for a deeper, more expansive level of integration with your soul, your own divine nature.

Intuitive Divine Communication may be experienced as part of a hands-on healing session, by itself or over the phone.