Healing Sessions

Remote Healing Sessions

Because Unconditional Love knows no bounds, It’s healing power is not limited by time and space. Thus, remote healing sessions may also be dramatically successful in creating healing, release, transformation and empowerment. In distant sessions, I use focused prayer, intention and love to assist in facilitating whatever it is we choose to address. We discuss desired goals and a loose schedule for doing the work; however, no official appointment is necessary to do the work, just an openness on your part. It is recommended that at least one week’s worth of remote sessions be done in order to create momentum. This would be 3 to 5 days of prayer work per week, depending upon the goals we wish to achieve. Others in your heart, may also, generally, be included in this prayer work.

Phone Healing Sessions

“Transformational Healing” may also be experienced by phone. The emphasis here is on counseling, prayer, intuitive Divine Communication and Soul Level Communication (see those sections above). For one of these sessions, we would set an appointment for this work and begin with identifying the focus. It is normally offered by the hour. The main “ingredient” here, too, is Love and may be used extremely successfully with regular sessions.

Purification of Energies

Using these same modalities, Great Spirit will transmit through me to cleanse, purify and uplift energies in homes, offices and gardens. This is an excellent way to prepare and empower a new location or to release discordant or blocked energies. This may be done both directly and over distance.