Transformational Healing

From my perspective, healing is about returning to wholeness, to center. It is about restoring our natural state of balance, spiritual alignment and well being that gets battered by daily life. Transformational Healing sessions facilitate greater physical health, emotional balance, mental and spiritual clarity and personal empowerment. They are an extraordinarily effective means of recreating your life in ways that are more joyful, meaningful, dynamic and successful.

How does it work?

I offer transformational healing through either one-hour or two-hour hands-on healing sessions, phone sessions or distant healing. In all contexts, we work with the healing power of Unconditional Love to fortify your inner and outer beings, bring healing or strengthening to blocked areas and create for you the life you envision.

With each session we custom fit it to meet your needs and desired goals. We use a combination of Reiki, prayer support (if you wish) and other forms of sacred energy to amplify life force and facilitate healing and empowerment. The sessions are gentle, nurturing, deep and subtle; yet, they are also equally profound and powerful. The primary “ingredient” is Love – the warmth and sweetness of love, as well as the power and majesty of love.

Regular sessions are highly effective ways of creating consistently positive shifts in your life.

Transformational Healing can help me to:

  •  Fortify physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually
  •  Draw to me and nurture Soul Mate connections
  •  Heal, ease grief and repair old wounds
  •  Strengthen, cleanse, uplift and deepen my relationships
  •  Manifest and empower my life goals and dreams
  •  Receive Divine communication, blessings and guidance
  •  Bring healing to my family relationships and issues
  • Open the door for more opportunities to love and be loved
  • Create more abundance and success for myself and my loved ones