Reiki Instruction

What Is Reiki?

Reiki is a form of healing with Life Force Energy, or as I experience it and teach it, working with the Healing Power of Unconditional Love. The healing power of Love is omnipresent. It is always available to bless us if we are open enough to its beauty. Studying Reiki allows you to learn how to better access and focus these wondrous, omnipresent energies so that they may be of greater use in blessing you or others with increased health, strength, spirituality and personal power.

Reiki feeds, nourishes and fortifies your entire being, empowering your soul as well as your body. It is an extraordinary tool for improving health at all levels (physically, emotionally and mentally), and it is, also, a powerful vehicle for personal and spiritual development. It makes it easier to be in touch with and give power to your soul, your inner-most being, and it supports your unique strengths and gifts so you can create more joy for yourself, for others and for the world.

How is it taught?

I offer classes in one-day workshops, normally with a small group, including supplemental practice classes for those who wish them. The workshops are sacred, powerful experiences which enable you to more artfully access and work with these gentle, yet dynamic, energies. Learning Reiki allows you to express this subtle, deep, loving form of healing to heal and empower yourself; to bless and heal others; to send healing to the planet and all creatures upon it and to deepen relationships. Whether you wish to use Reiki to heal others or not, it is a powerful tool for personal growth and health.

In the way that I teach Reiki, there are four levels or degrees that you may pursue. Each degree heightens your sensitivity to the healing energies and allows you to have greater strength in utilizing the energy to be of blessing to both yourself and others. Each level is taught separately and requires integrative time in between. These degrees are:

Reiki I
Reiki II
Reiki III

Classes are taught either privately or in group settings and are scheduled based on specific need. Currently, they are offered in an intensive, one-day workshop format with supplemental practice classes available. In the fall, weekly classes over a 6 week period for Reiki I and II will also be offered.

Please check this site or contact me for updated information on these future offerings.