Living as Light Beings

A Comprehensive Program for Actualizing Higher Love and Higher Life

The Heavenly Ones are working diligently and unwaveringly to make it as easy as possible for us to move into our “Light Bodies” and become the extraordinary and glorious “Light Beings” that we are destined to become, both for our own sake and for the sake of the world. The keys to genuine fulfillment and success, in all areas, are in our progressive, yet devoted, alignment with these higher vibrations of Self, which may be called our Light Being or Truest Selves. Following is an outline of a multifaceted program to assist in making this transition as easy, rapid and bountiful as possible:

“Living As Light Beings” provides a mixture of empowering options. You and I work in partnership to dynamically create for you positive change and personal success using regular Energetic Healing Sessions, Intensified Focus Sessions, discussion, Spiritual Counseling and Intuitive and Vibrational Healing. In this way, we strengthen body, mind, heart and soul, energize dreams and deepen spiritual alignment and personal power. This Program is offered in both a Hands-on Healing format and a Phone Healing version.

“Living As Light Beings” begins with a two-month, weekly commitment in order to create momentum and clarity of focus. We will adjust the intensity level based on personal need. At the completion of the 8 session period , we asses how much of the desired goals have been accomplished and decide together whether adding additional months would be of benefit. From that point, it would then be decided on a month-by-month basis. Written materials, suggested homework and occasional workshops and support groups may also be added to enhance progress.

The monthly price for “Living As Light Beings” is $380 for 4 hour and a half Hands-on Healing Sessions and $300 for 4 Phone Healing Sessions. It also includes all extra written materials and prayer support provided. The initial two-month commitment is discounted to $700 for 8 Hands-on Sessions and $550 for 8 Phone Sessions and may be paid in halves the first and fifth sessions if needed. Additional workshops or support groups would be optional and priced separately.

This is a profoundly powerful time in the history of mankind. I am honored to support you in becoming the amazing Light Being that you are!