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I find teaching to be about lovingly communicating essential truths, about creating a clear channel of Love within which we may jointly embrace the Universal Intelligence as it is expressed through our humanness. It is about sharing, one heart to another, through the power of Unconditional Love, that we may both, or all, become more whole in ourselves; that we may both, or all, be energized and empowered in our life paths and the beauty of our beings.

Growing in love and heart together ~ between the two of us ~ and as a community in group classes ~ is the foundation of each of my educational resources, and the beauty of this blessing lays a powerful foundation upon which illumination, transformation, personal empowerment and fulfillment may spring.  We enter the radiant womb of Divine Intelligence and Renewal, and we are made new, more true, more vital.



“I learned early on to protect myself with a hard shield of “strength.” The moment I shook your hand, I could feel the love radiating from you. I knew that you were to be the one to teach me the art of strength through love and gentleness. I had not even known that was possible. Learning Reiki and learning this “art” from you has changed my life! I credit you, also, for helping me to dramatically improve and deepen my relationship with my daughter.”