Professional History

I “worked” behind the scenes throughout my life, spiritually and interpersonally, to be of blessing in the ways I could be and to further prepare for doing this work professionally.  In 1995, I began sharing the gifts and lessons I received from my near-death experience ~ and my life-long devotion to spiritual practice ~ as a professional resource by developing a course on healing and strengthening the heart and deepening spiritual alignment. Teaching is a powerful part of my soul’s path and purpose and always a deep source of inspirational joy for me!  It is my great honor and privilege to teach.  I currently offer numerous workshops and workshop series all with varying emphasis, yet in essence, supporting the development of the heart and soul, one’s gifts, personal joy and power, purpose and spiritual truth.

In 1998, I was guided that it was time to also begin offering these heart-centered works through healing, and I began studying and offering Reiki, which is a potent form of using subtle energy to heal. I also facilitate other sacred energies, which I call Higher Vibrational Healing.  They are highly refined and skillfully used energies such as Focused Prayer, Divine Connection and Communication, Channeling, Amplified Vision, Soul Level Support and Loving Sound.  My prayer for all my offerings in healing, teaching, speaking, writing, creativity and ministry is that I, and they, will be purely expressed and used as an instrument for the Power of Love and Divine Presence to bless, heal, protect, transform and empower.

I became a Reiki Master Teacher in 1999 both for my own personal growth and in order to share the beauty of learning Reiki with others. Teaching Reiki, humbles and inspires me deeply. Over that time, I also started and facilitated for several years the Reiki Heart Connection, a support and service group for Reiki Practitioners.

Later that year, I felt guided that it was time to begin preparing to become an Interfaith Minister, founded in the beliefs of the ancient Essene brethren. I completed the ordination process in 2002. The two precepts that resonate most strongly with me in the Essene teachings, and are the primary reason this direction as a minister feels aligned with my personal ideology are:  that the Essene’s honor men, women and children equally, and they support nurturing grace-filled relationship with both the Heavenly Father and the Earthly Mother equally.  The extraordinary blessing of becoming ordained resonates powerfully with my soul’s path, giving me more tools with which to offer Divine Communion.

February, 2013, I began the process of forming an Institute to facilitate, nurture and support heart-centered living and alignment with Divine Love.  Fiamma D’Amore Institute & Ministries ~ Living Love And Light, is dedicated to furthering the Force of Love and Heart in our world for individuals, relationships, families, local and global communities, nature and the environment.  We are growing well, and welcome you into our Fellowship.

This work is very precious to me, and after nearly 20 years, it continues to bless, heal, strengthen and transform me every day.  I would be honored to share it with you if it resonates.


Reverend Michele DeMoulin ~ Reverend, Reiki Master Teacher & Healer and Founder of Fiamma D’Amore Institute & Ministries      (831) 457-7788